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make me ashamed of Lu t.’ Song Lu laughed. ’Lu t joking.’ I go along with the laughs, I was playing for Song Lu feel warm from the heart, so to speak exceptionally respectful and courteous. ’You do not modest, so I joined the men to other ships

Came to the side of the dead fat. Turned to look at those who are God created magnolia carefully guarded, and then look exactly the same in front of nine Li Cheng-chu, flanked by the huge immortal Bird, another one – there will soon be a huge quasi-god power level People! Dark gods playing some backing out of. ’Once upon a time Emperor Xian adults!’ Dark
cheapugg God thought for a long while before this call unwilling reluctant shouted, ‘This fight is over what?’ ’Oh ……’ Lee Dragon boss will draw a beautiful arc cited, hard spit a mouthful of saliva, ‘I stripped in front of you, your wife’s clothes, see also saw, touched also touched, and then want to withdraw get away, you feel like
cheap ugg outlet you are willing to it? ‘ Girls under the mad rolling his eyes! ’It was a vulgar metaphor!’ Dark God looking gloomy, look just like eating a dead fly uncomfortable, plan everything went smoothly exceptions, but this man has, however,cheap ugg boots target, broke his own dreams. But now subside go can do? God created man in Magnolia, although the strength of incompetence, are all eyeing looking at ourselves, if once his next ban cracked the case, their situation will be even more difficult. Dark fear of God is the most positive atmosphere to disperse their own little black girl! This man is the most formidable opponent they have seen. ’Once upon a fairy Emperor adults, but Su Wen oriental ceremonies. The invasion was a mistake, I am, but you do not have any losses, but rather the underworld, lost three generals!’ ’You do not flattering!’ Li Cheng-chu impatiently interrupted Dark God’s words, ‘Oriental people, people respect my foot, I respect people ten feet, but …… if someone dares to unfavorable to God Dark Your knowledgeable adults, presumably should know how we will do! ‘Li Cheng-chu shade looked related post:

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